Zero Distance to Technology, XSTO All-terrain Mobility Robot Getting into Campus

  For carrying out the scientific spirit of Xi Jinping deeply,we bring up a new generation of innovation.Mr.Zhao,the chairman of XSTO Mobility,visited Sanxin Kaiyin Primary School in Zhongshan City and started a technology class themed as“All-terrain Mobility Robot”in Class Two,Grade Four,which of reception has been so enthusiastic by students and teachers.

All-terrain Mobility Robot

  During the class,Mr.Zhao introduced the concept and core technology of all-terrain robot systematically.His vivid expression leaved students a deep understanding and a good grasp of mobility robot.Students played an active part in Q&A session and Mr.Zhao prepared DIY 3D-printed gifts for them.Then,students had a fun try of Mobility Robot M4 while they made a work of“hand driven generator”.The sounds of whoa and cheer from students showed that they yearned for exploring the scientific word.

all-terrain robot systematically

  Mobility robot M4,as a high-tech scooter in new era,combines self-balancing safety system and one-key folding design.It can be lively in self-balancing control according to the angle of slope,and can pass safely through steep hill and hollow with front wheels in high sensitivity and shock absorption.

  This technology course not only inspires students’ aspiration to knowledge,but also keeps them know the scientific power to society and country.We try out best to build a healthy and scientific atmosphere for teenagers through cultivating them with action and spirit.In the future,we believe that students will keep moving forward on the road to an powerful country and a beautiful life,driven by innovation and technology.