New Plant and New Products, XSTO is Going to a New Level!

New plant, new atmosphere! Since its establishment in 2016, XSTO has grown rapidly in scale, and already has an advanced R&D center and a perfect product production workshop, with a sales network in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, making it a leading company in the industry. With the development of the company, the company’s product line has expanded from innovative logistics handling equipment to intelligent (short transportation) travel tool products, in order to further expand and strengthen, the company has implemented a new plant construction project to meet the demand for intelligent travel product production.

Intelligent Travel

The new plant is located in Zhongshan Cuiheng New District, across the road from the headquarters, and is about to be completed after a rigorous and orderly construction. The interior of the plant is strictly built to a high standard, which can support the entire production process from equipment assembly to testing and leaving the factory, and has a high level of intelligence and automation. In the future, the new plant will be used as a production base for intelligent travel equipment, and will be responsible for the mass production of related products.

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At the same time, the completion of the new plant also marks the progress of the accumulation of innovative technology and the emergence of the results of innovation, is a very important step in the company’s development trajectory, indicating that the company has been in the field of intelligent travel related exploration towards maturity, with its own technical advantages, products to meet market expectations.

Intelligent Travel tools

Hundred-foot pole, one step further! In the future, Prodigy Innovation will further focus on the field of intelligent short-term travel, constantly break through the technical bottlenecks, optimize the product design, enrich the product functions, return to the market with higher quality and more humane products, shoulder the corporate mission, and use “innovation” to benefit the society!