How To Choose The Correct Stair Dolly

So, you’re in the market for a stair dolly, but you have no idea where to start or what you’re looking for.

And this can make it extremely difficult to find the right stair dolly for you. Here’s the thing:

There are many different styles of stair dollies out there. And each one is better for various tasks.

In this article, we’re going to try and point you in the right direction by teaching you how to choose the correct stair dolly.

Let’s take a look:

Which Is The Right Stair Climbing Dolly?

If you’re not using the right stair climbing dolly, you might find that the job becomes extremely complicated and sometimes dangerous.

The first thing you need to consider is the operator’s safety, but you also need to consider the safety of the items you’re transporting.

And the only way you can guarantee safety for both parties is to ensure you have the right stair dolly for the job.

But which one is that?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not always a simple choice. And this is because the right stair climbing dolly depends on the goods you’re transporting and where you’re transporting them.

So, in this section, I will discuss a few items you might need to transport and explain which stair dolly will be best for that job.

Sounds good?

Great, let’s get started:

Transporting Vending Machines 

When you’re transporting the likes of vending machines, it usually means you’re going to be in public buildings and companies. And this means you have to take extra care in the equipment you choose just in case someone is walking below.

vending machine stair climber

You can expect the average weight of a vending machine to be around 400 kg, without anything inside the machine.

So, you’ll need a stair dolly that can exceed that weight to ensure it’s capable of the job. You never want to push your stair climbing dolly to the limit because it could cause a malfunction.

And this can put you and the vending machine at risk.

It’s not just the weight you have to think about. You must remember that vending machines can be sensitive to shocks, so you need something that will smoothly navigate the steps.

This is why people tend to think that the best stair dolly you can use for vending machines is the tracked stair climbing dolly.

Tracked stair dollies usually have the highest maximum capacity, which means you can nearly transport anything.

Not only that…

But the flatbed of the dolly gives a very secure base for the vending machine, it can recognize the cargo center of gravity and adjust the loading plate automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the machine tipping.

And finally, a tracked stair climbing dolly navigates staircases very smoothly, so the electronics don’t get jolted.

Transporting Photocopier

So, when we’re talking about photocopiers, we’re not talking about the tiny ones you have in your house. We’re talking about the huge ones you’ll find in office buildings!

And when it comes to transporting these huge photocopiers, you’ll find it works very similarly to transporting a vending machine.

An office photocopier can weigh anywhere between 120 to 400 kg, which is far too heavy to carry.

They are also full of sensitive electronics, probably more so than vending machines. And this is why you need to take the utmost care when transporting them around the office block.

For this reason, I think you should look at a tracked stair climbing dolly again if you’re looking for the safest mode of transportation.

The tracks on a stair climbing dolly effortlessly glide up staircases, so it doesn’t have that clunky feel that a rotating arm dolly gives you.

And again, it’s not just about how they glide up steps. They also provide an excellent base for the photocopier and can hold extreme weight.

You have to remember you’re going to be in a public place when delivering the photocopier to its destination. The last thing you want is the stair climbing dolly malfunctioning because it can’t handle the weight.

Transporting Furniture

When you’re transporting furniture, there’s a good chance you’ll need to get up the stairs at some point; this could either be moving to a new office block or a new house.

And this means you’re likely moving things like cabinets, chairs, dressers, and desks. Of course, if you’re moving offices, you might be moving things like filing drawers and whatever else you might have.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a company or doing it for your private residence; the most important thing is you don’t damage the furniture.

The problem with moving furniture is:

It’s usually made with delicate materials such as wood or marble, making the transportation process slightly more complex.

But there is a good side:

When you’re moving furniture, you can pretty much use any style of dolly; there are just a few things you need to think about.

Firstly, you need to consider the weight you’re carrying and the shape. If you keep these two things in mind, you’ll easily be able to transport your furniture.

Transporting Lightweight Goods

When we’re talking about lightweight goods, we usually talk about anything under 100 kg. And these could be things like TVs, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, and anything in between.

Although some of these items aren’t too heavy, they would still require a couple of people to navigate them upstairs. 

Not only that, but they can also be delicate or shock sensitive, which makes the movement of these items challenging.

When you’re looking to transport these items, you should be looking at a motor-driven stair climber with a rotating arm.

The good thing about these is they are relatively lightweight and can easily be folded, so they don’t take up too much room in the back of your truck/van.

The Best Overall Stair Climbing Dolly

So, we’ve been discussing which stair-climbing dolly are the best for different jobs. But maybe you’ll be transporting a mixture of these items, so which is the best overall?

People taking on a mixture of moving jobs will find the XSTO CT420S is one of the best money can buy.

The stair climbing dolly can hold up to 420 kg and can maneuver narrow staircases quickly and precisely.

It also uses an independent, non-marking, and non-slipping track that smoothly glides up staircases without jolting the items you’re carrying.

With minimal effort, everything can be controlled with one finger and switched from one mode to another.

Final Thoughts & Takeaways

If you’re on the lookout for a stair-climbing dolly, I hope this article has helped you understand what you need to look for.

When choosing a stair climbing dolly, you need to think heavily about what you will be transporting the most.

Stair climbing dollies don’t always perform the best for every item, so finding the right one can be tricky.

Think about the weight you will be moving and where you will be moving the items the most. This will give you the best idea of what you need to look for when finding the best stair-climbing dolly.